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The PIONEER Water Filled Road Barriers provide effective barrier solutions for road construction sites, parking demarcation, crowd control, and roadblock assistance. The road barriers are linked using a patented pin linking system to ensure effective protection and control.

The PIONEER Nesting Road Barrier has a 80Lit Water Fill capacity and is ideally suited for construction sites with the added benefit of  maximized transport and storage ability.

The PIONEER 1.75m Cone is ideally suited for the mining industry and ideally suited to demarcation in open pit mining. The 1.75m cone is highly visible and can be made in various colours.   

Road barriers & Cones

Nesting Road Barrier 1.75m Cone PIONEER Road barrier Pedestrian Barriers

Products Include:

Pedestrian Barriers

Nesting Road Barrier

1.75m Cone

PIONEER Road barrier

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